When Should You Find A Courier Services Company?

Now, for the companies which require lots of courier deliveries, you may have already been briefed by your boss on how to find the right courier company and/or found out early enough.

However, there are some businesses with delivery requirements on certain days (but not too often, e.g. not every day). If you’re working at such a business, but you’re not sure when or how to find a courier company, here are some tips.

First of all, most courier companies deal only with local deliveries within the island of Sg. This means that if you need to send something to a recipient which / who is in a country other than Sg, you should simply engage international freight companies like Fedex or DHL. However, if you’re required to make a delivery to a recipient which / who is somewhere in Singapore, then read on.

Second of all, not every company allows for credit terms for your deliveries. Some require up front cash on delivery e.t.c. If your company requires credit terms only, then make sure to work with and find a courier company which actually offers credit terms. Most local courier companies offer credit terms, only pure app based ones like Gogovan doesn’t.. lacking in it.

Third of all, some companies’ delivery pricing heavily favors those which need delivery for heavy items, while other companies’ courier pricing favors those with many but light document deliveries. This really depends. This is also because companies usually use car or van couriers for bulky item deliveries while using bike couriers for light items (i.e. documents e.t.c.)

Most companies charge surcharges if the courier is to deliver your document / item to extreme outskirt areas such as Tuas or Jurong Island. Some of the companies which charge these surcharges do not state it at an obvious location on their website, so take note and look out for these surcharges.

Additionally, some couriers like Regent charge extra for residential deliveries. So if you need residential deliveries (be it the pick up point or delivery point), make sure not to use such companies like Regent.

The above are key things that you should take note of before hiring a courier company as your courier services provider in Singapore.

Finding A Career With A Reputable Courier Firm

Working with a courier company may not be the most commonly pursued path in Singapore, but it can be very rewarding. Most people either fall into the category of professionals and work as a doctor or lawyer, or fall into the category of finance companies and become a banker or wealth management advisor. Less talked about in Singapore are professions such as a courier, mover and anything related to logistics, but Singapore is known as a LOGISTICS hub!

There are lots of courier companies in Singapore such as Network Courier, PCA Masters as well as Ixpress647. With so many reputable courier companies in Singapore, here are some tips for your career if you want to pursue such a career in the logistics and courier industry, either as an administrative staff or a deliveryman.

One of the best things about being a deliveryman in Singapore, is that in a paper certification obsessed country, you don’t need higher education to become a well paid deliveryman. There are two types of deliverymen in Singapore. First type would be the full time, employed deliveryman. The second type would be contractors working underneath a courier company. Both allows you to make more money than if you were to work at another job which judges people by their paper qualifications. Other jobs will pay you less simply because you’re less ‘well-educated’ (in terms of formal education, ouch!) but a courier firm will never do that. Just because you’re ‘lowly-educated’, doesn’t mean you’re destined to fail. In fact, as long as you have a customer service oriented mindset, and deliver items promptly and are punctual, the courier company will reward you very well, and provide even very good benefits such as being able to take more than ’14 days’ off per year, and you can easily plan out your leave schedules!

As a administrative staff at a courier company, you will be taking on the role of an operations manager as well as a customer service support staff. Although it sounds tough, it’s exciting, trust me. After a job / order comes in from customers, you will then need to allocate the job to a deliveryman within your company. After the job has been allocated, the customer may have some positive / negative feedback or simply want to know the status of the delivery. In such a situation, you would also be dealing with their enquiries and feedback. In short, as an administrative staff at most courier companies in Singapore, you would be acting (as mentioned above) as an operations manager and customer support. Therefore, unless you’re customer oriented, do not work this job.

In a nutshell, working in the courier industry just requires one thing – empathy and the ability to communicate well with new and past customers. Being service oriented is the secret to courier companies’ success.

Working With A Courier Company

As mentioned earlier on, it’s crucial to be working only with the best courier company in SG for your company’s best results, as the wrong company will either cause you a lot of non-deliveries, or deliveries at wrong timings (e.g. during lunch hours) or be consistently late for your urgent deliveries! Work with good courier companies only.

Here are some tips to a peaceful and synergistic relationship with your courier company:

  1. Before choosing a courier company, figure out your own company’s needs. Some companies require daily pick up and deliveries to many different locations, while others don’t. Don’t listen to another courier user blindly without first figuring out your company’s own requirements. If you require a high volume of deliveries, versus if you require a low volume of deliveries monthly, you should take advice from the companies which have similar requirements to yours.
  2. Not all courier companies perform parcels and/or document deliveries. Some companies work only with companies which require 1 of them (e.g. documents only or parcels only). These are specialized companies. Though rare, they exist. Therefore take note if you need both types of deliverymen.
  3. Do you require regular deliveries or you will only require ad hoc deliveries? if you require the former, you would generally find it easier to negotiate for cheaper deals with courier companies in Singapore. However, if you only require ad hoc Singapore deliveries, then usually you would need to pay the full price that most one time consumers use. This is because the economies of scale that you are able to provide the company with as a result of your business is significantly lower than if you had high and regular volume of courier services / deliveries required.
  4. Some couriers have hidden clauses. Make sure to check with them that there is no extra costs e.t.c. or you may be surprised. No big deal, but just check out.

In conclusion, there are only some points which you need to note when it comes to working happily with a courier company.

Review Of The Top 3 Courier Firms In SG

As a frequent user of courier services in Singapore due to my role in my company, I would like to similarly shed some light on courier companies and their services in Singapore for the people who may not be nearly half as familiar with courier services as I am.

First of all, let us talk about one of the older companies in Singapore. Out of the older courier services in Singapore, I think that Network is one of the more established ones. If you were to compare headcount as well as market penetration, Network is doing pretty OK. They deal mostly with document deliveries and motorcycles dispatch couriers. They focus mostly on corporate customers and rarely with consumer goods and/or large items. If you’re a company with frequent deliveries required, you may look at them.

Second of all, let us talk about an upcoming technology leveraged company, PCA Masters. Singapore is not known to be a Silicon Valley style place for business, but if it is, then PCA Masters embodies it for the courier industry in Singapore. Bringing technology like advanced website widgets and email notification to the courier industry, PCA Masters is like the technology pioneer when it comes to tech developments in Singapore’s logistics industry. Because of that, they’ve managed to achieve rather great economies of scale despite being a young company, and have clinched deals with big companies. They focus on accountability and speed, and working with them would be a pleasure for businessmen who are looking for that.

Third of all, if you’re looking only for ad hoc van deliveries, then you may want to look at a local van company called Gogovan. They specialize in van deliveries, though one thing you may want to note is that they’re better if you only require deliveries once in awhile. This is only because they operate from an app basis, and if there happens to be fewer people at work that day, and there are no drivers in your region, your delivery will never be completed. If you’re looking for ad hoc deliveries, you can test them out. However, if you want a more trusted one, then try others.

Things you can transport with a courier company in Singapore

What items can a courier company in Singapore help to deliver for you?

This is the question we want to tackle in this post.

The image of a courier is someone holding a small or medium sized parcel in his hands. When you see couriers belonging to PCA Masters (http://www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore/), FedEx, and DHL in Singapore, you will see that they are carrying a small or medium sized parcel. Ever wondered why you did not see them carrying heavy items? This is because courier companies restrict the size of the items that they are able to help deliver. In Singapore’s context, most courier companies in Singapore only take in items with dimensions (length + width + height) of 150 CM or less. Those few courier companies who accept items beyond 150 CM till 300 CM charges a surcharge for the additional dimensions. Implementing this restriction on the size of the items will ensure that the items are able to fit into the vans and also allow the couriers to transport the items efficiently.

Apart from size restrictions, courier companies also implement a weight restriction on the items they are able to take in. Some courier companies in Singapore only accept items up to 30 KG. Using the same logic as above, this weight restriction will ensure that the couriers will be able to transport the goods efficiently and not wear them out. Couriers in Singapore need to travel to many different locations every single day. If they have to cover huge distance and also carry heavy items at the same time, they will be physically drained quickly.

Hence, any items that are within these size and weight restrictions will normally be accepted by the courier companies in Singapore. No matter they are documents, loud speakers, USB drive, or any other things, courier companies should be able to accept them. Only one exception applies – dangerous goods. Courier companies in Singapore do not accept dangerous goods. However, as couriers are not allowed to open the packed and sealed items, they will not be able to find out whether the items belong to the dangerous goods category. Hence, courier companies usually insert a legal clause in their service agreement stating that the sender bears the full legal responsibility if it is found out later by the authorities that the items that the courier companies transported are in fact dangerous goods. Examples of dangerous goods include flammable items and chemicals.

In summary, you can transport anything via a courier company in Singapore as long as:

1) the items fall within acceptable dimensions
2) the items fall within acceptable weight
3) the items are not dangerous goods

Ecommerce Delivery And Document Courier In Singapore

Most Ecommerce delivery companies in Singapore like Anchanto only perform deliveries for Ecommerce businesses and/or mass dispatches, and do not deal with individual, ad hoc document deliveries for corporations. Most document courier companies in Singapore do not perform mass distribution services. However, there are some companies like PCA Masters Singapore which actually perform both courier services for document deliveries as well as Ecommerce delivery solutions.

There are not many companies in Singapore which actually are willing to work with both Ecommerce companies and corporations for ad hoc regular deliveries. This is because the operations model is made more complicated if there are two types of deliveries. First and foremost, when it comes to courier services for document deliveries in Singapore, a courier may be required to travel across the island just to send one item urgently and/or deposit a cheque or tender on time. However, if the same courier had to deliver many products for an Ecommerce company in Singapore as well, then his or her schedule may not be too ideal! That is the reason why most courier companies focus only on one time of deliveries.

Nevetheless, competent courier companies like PCA Masters are among the rare few companies in Singapore which dare to take on this challenge and have been doing so relatively successfully, and that spells great news. This is because there may be times where you need ad hoc regular deliveries, while you may have a family member start an E-commerce business. At such a point in time, you would need to spend way too much unnecessary effort to figure out which other company to test out their capabilities, so you would rather recommend your usual document courier company to that friend or family who needs Ecommerce delivery solutions in Singapore instead.

Enjoy the following video… the following video shows you how hardworking your Ecommerce delivery courier is! Although the following video is showing that of India, whether you’re a customer or a business owner, there are tons of similar couriers in Singapore making your Ecommerce product deliveries a success too!

What You Need To Know About Singapore Parcel Deliveries

There are some things that you need to know if you want to engage the best parcel delivery company in Singapore for your corporate or simply ad hoc delivery requirements.

There are many times where you might need to send something on behalf of your company or perhaps need to give something to your friend. Why bother delivering something yourself if you have something more important? Ok let us imagine a situation.

You’re on a date with a girlfriend, and you’re just enjoying the night. Suddenly, you need to deliver something from office urgently to your manager or colleague. However, you don’t want your night ruined. Unfortunately, you need to travel back to your office and spoil the entire date. How painful is that? At this point in time, a trusted company like PCA Masters courier would be able to help you out when it comes to courier services and parcel deliveries. Simply call them and get your items picked up and delivered from a destination of your choice. Period.

Let us imagine another situation. You are an E-commerce business owner. Life is good, more and more people are purchasing your products!!! You’re starting to become really successful. Unfortunately, you’re also getting very busy because you’re busy stocking up your items, expanding your inventory and delivering items by yourself or getting family members to deliver it for you. This means that you no longer are able to go out to the clubs or go out with friends. Isn’t that sad? Simply engage a courier company for your E-commerce deliveries in Singapore, and you would be able to hang out with your friends and family while your courier company will handle everything for you! How awesome is that! Once again, companies like PCA Masters and Anchanto can help you out with that.

As you can possibly already tell, I’m a big fan of using courier services, because they help to solve problems that we otherwise cannot solve ourselves.

Various types of logistics solutions offered in Singapore

Despite its tiny size, Singapore is one of the busiest and richest cities in the world. Economic prosperity in Singapore is propelled by its skilled workforce, ability to attract foreign investors, strategic positioning as a key trading and financial hub in the region, and its well developed infrastructure.

We are going to focus on Singapore’s infrastructure, particularly in its logistics landscape in this blog. A well developed infrastructure and logistics network will definitely help the local businesses grow quicker in the country – as businesses are able to move things around the nation more efficiently and effectively, things can be set up and running within a shorter period of time. The quicker things are set up and running, the more productive a business will be.

Every business will need some form of logistics service. To cater to all sizes of business needs, there are various types of logistics solutions offered by logistics companies in Singapore.

Starting from the simplest logistics service, there are basic courier delivery services offered by logistics companies in Singapore. Logistics companies like PCA Masters (http://www.pcamasters.com/) offers courier delivery services to businesses requiring delivery of small parcels and documents. Businesses can save large amount of time by outsourcing these time-consuming parcel and document deliveries to PCA Masters. By knowing the roads well and optimizing the routes, these courier companies will be able to deliver the documents and parcels quickly and efficiently.

Next, there are also moving services offered by logistics companies in Singapore. Logistics companies like KH Moving offered moving services to businesses and individual consumers in Singapore. Whether you need to move a large item like a sofa or your entire house or office, you will probably need some help from logistics companies. They will have both the manpower and the vehicles to help you move your stuffs efficiently.
In addition, there are also warehousing logistics solutions provided by the larger logistics companies in Singapore. These logistics companies focus on large retail businesses that do not want to hold onto the inventories themselves. The inventories will be put inside the warehouse of the logistics companies and be directly delivered to the end customers when the end customers place an order. Of course, comparing this with the courier services, this logistics service will cost more due to the need to store the inventories inside its warehouse on top of the delivery requirement. Good manpower, sorting, and delivery management must be adopted by the logistics companies in order to do well.

Lastly, there are also those logistics companies in Singapore that does very large scale deliveries such as big items moving. Big items include raw materials to be transported from and to factories and perhaps construction sites. These logistics companies are well established and needs the highest amount of capital to sustain its operations.